Social Media Advertising

Social media tools and social networking sites have revolutionised communication methods, both privately and increasingly, at work. In terms of the use of social media for job seeking, studies have found that more than half of all UK jobseekers use social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to search for jobs.

Being the largest talent network, LinkedIn is the most popular social media recruitment advertising tool.

Try LinkedIn to advertise to who matters: Your 30 days job posting will be shared across LinkedIn and through email to professionals whose skills and location match the job. If you have a company page, it will appear there, too. You can also share your job via your Organisation’s social media accounts.

You can use your company’s facebook page to find potential candidates in a couple of steps: add a post on your page; target your audience by location or interests and then choose your daily budget and duration of campaign.

For both social media advertising methods you can monitor your advert’s success in real time.

To reach your target audience and give you the best chance in recruiting, please call 020 72651054 or email to discuss options or to book an advert.