Do you want to invest in one of the largest economies in the Eurozone?

European Tender Services is a reliable partner for all companies wishing to invest in Italy or to participate in Italian tenders. We guide and advise throughout the tender process and assist with any difficulties that may be encountered when dealing with the complex Italian system.

Our services include:

  1. Registration to the A.N.A.C (National Anti-Corruption Authority) Portal

    PassOE creation and management

    ETS provide support with the AVCPSS system. We will assist you throughout every stage: from the creation of the PassOE to the development of your own repository for the collection of documents needed to participate in public tenders.

  2. Consultation via email, phone or Skype

    Assistance is provided during every stage of the tender process: from the preparation of documents to the final awarding phase, as well as making sure the economic operators comply with all the requirements set by the Contracting authority.

  3. Support throughout the tender Process (acting as representative of the Economic Operator)

    If requested, we can also make available a consultant to act as your representative to be present during the “public phase” of the tender process which coincides with the “opening of the envelopes” containing the technical, administrative and financial offer.

  4. Account creation and assistance on MePA and SDAPA

    In order to start the bidding process, you must be registered to MePA (Italian Public Authorities’ Electronic Market) and you will also need to be admitted to the SDAPA (Dynamic System for Suppliers of the Public Authorities) for the supply of standardised products in favour of the Public Bodies.

  5. Appeals to T.A.R. (Regional Administrative Court) against tendering procedures

    Our team of lawyers deal with appeals against the illegitimacy of certain clauses found in the tender documents, final awards and measures used for exclusion of the candidate, offering legal assistance during each stage.

  6. Advertising of Invitation to Tender and Contract Award Notices

    We work with most of the local, national and international media to find the best rates for your advertising.

For further details and to contact us, please visit our dedicated website: